Kitten Information

Glamason have no kittens available at present.  Please go to the 'contact us' tab and complete the Expression of Interest form for future litters.

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Kitten Information

At Glamason Maine Coons, our kittens are our children and a strong part of our family.  Our breeding girls spend most of their time inside the house and they remain with their babies until it's time for them to leave, at 13 weeks old.

You can be certain that your babies are well socialised and accustomed to everyday household comings and goings.  Our babies begin their introduction to food with fresh human grade raw meat and Raw Meow Kitten Mix to balance it all out.   We do believe that providing a raw diet is the best dietary option for our babies ongoing.  Not only does it provide immaculate coats, outstanding general health, but most importantly, their poos do not smell - that's got to be an added bonus surely.

Once a kitten is "reserved" with a deposit, Glamason keep you updated via pictures and video's.  Our kittens do not leave until they have had all vet work completed and this includes desexing.  Desexing takes place once kitten reaches 1kg in weight.  

Glamason Maine Coons provides you the adopter, with a kitten pack to help you settle your kitten in at home.  This pack includes a blanket, toys,  microchip transfer form, desexing certificate, diet information and an extensive kitten information booklet.

Our PET kittens are priced as follows:

Our Maine Coon Pets are priced at $2200 ea.  We ask for a $400 (non refundable) deposit at 4 weeks of age to "secure" your kitten, then $900 at 8 weeks and balance of $900 at 10 weeks of age and prior to desexing.

Our breeding kittens (to ethical registered breeders) are POA.  

A non refundable deposit of $500 for breeder is payable to secure your kitten.  We do ask that you forward us a screenshot of payment made so as we can keep track.

If one of our kittens develops an illness which is proven to be genetic or a default, we are obligated both legally and morally to replace your kitten, and are happy to do so on provision of a vet report that identifies the genetic problem being traced to parentage.

As we are registered breeders we abide by ANCATS 'Code of Conduct' which is to protect the breed and the buyer.  We provide ongoing, lifetime support for your kitten and we love nothing more than to receive updates and pictures of your precious fur child.  If you ever find yourself in a position of needing to rehome your Glamason baby, we ask that you contact us first.  We will either take the kitten/cat back, or will assist in finding the most suitable home.  Under NO circumstances are our kitten/cats to end up in a rescue organisation, pound, or euthanised.

We do not accept visitors at our property.  This is to protect our privacy, our property and our babies.  If you do have any questions, please feel free to call us, or email us.  We do love to have a chat, especially about our gorgeous fur children.

Kittens Come With:

*  DNA N/N for HCM, PKD & SMA, ProBNP
*  Pedigree
*  Desexed
*  Microchipped
*  Vaccinated (F3) x 1
*  Contract
*  Free of Parasites
*  Kitten Pack (VIC ONLY)
*  Lifetime Support

Our kittens and cats are fed on human grade muscle meat with Raw Meow Kitten mix added.  The Raw Meow ensures that the muscle meat is balance and meeting all nutritional needs of growing cats.  Maine Coons do not fully develop until approximately 5-6 years of age and being a large cat, require constant food.


Glamason currently have no available kittens for the remainder of 2021.  If you are interested in adopting through us, please ensure you 'Like' our Facebook Page - Glamason Maine Coon Kittens.  All kittens will be advertised on this page with all their relevant information.  If a kitten takes your interest, we ask you to contact us about said kitten and we will then forward you a questionnaire.